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Sancho drops - 10 ml.

Sancho is an herbal remedy made up of 7 different herbs as according to tradition and has been used by these Mountain people for centuries. Sancho means ”Feel better” in Nepalese and is a folk medicine a remedy that locally has been used for a variety of reasons when needed to boost one’s well-being. One of the reasons for Sancho’s potencies and its power comes from the special and rich soil at the slopes of the Himalayas from where the herbs grows and gets the nutrition and minerals. 

Recommended usages – internal use:
Adults: 5-6 drops 3 times daily at first sign of ill health.
Children of 8 years of age: 2-3 drops 3 times daily at first sign of ill health.

Sancho should be drunk and added to a cup of hot water. You should be able to drink the water before adding the drops. One bottle will last for 70-80 treatments. 

For external use: Massage on to affected area 2-3 times a day until better. 

When and how to use Sancho?