When and how to use Sancho?


Travels: If you are going for a trip, especially at a long flight, it could be wise to bring your Sancho along and to have a cup when the coffee and tea are being served. The air aboard an airplane could contain lots of different germs!

Stress: It could be beneficiary to support your body’s immune system at a period of stress as to prevent further ill health like attracting colds!

Colleagues with colds: Colleagues/friends with colds are always a threat … When colds are around – drink Sancho and share it with the sick colleagues who should have nursed their colds back home!

If you start feeling unwell: Start drinking Sancho immediately and you will increase your chances of knitting it in the bud and avoid calling in sick.

If you already feel ill:

Colds and flu: Add 5-6 drops in a cup of hot water, 3 times daily. The water shouldn’t be hotter than possible for you to drink before adding the drops. Drinking Sancho helps your immune system to fight infections. To aid your breathing and to ease congestion, rub a few drops on to your little finger and put this up each nostril. You can also rub Sancho on to your collar bone and throat to make breathing easier. To loosen phloem that develops during a cold, drink Sancho as described.

It is never too late to use Sancho – if you haven’t got Sancho available at the first sign of a cold, use it as quick as possible as experience has shown that the time then suffered will be halved!

Blocked and congested nose: When suffering from colds, allergies or blocked nose, rub a drop of Sancho on your little finger and put this up each nostril to aid breathing and reduce swelling.

Sinuses: Put your little finger containing Sancho up each nostril to aid breathing and reduce swelling in the nose and sinuses.

Headache: Rub Sancho behind the ears, on your temples and forehead. You may also rub some on the top of your neck just below the hairline and put some on to your little finger and put this up each nostril if the headache is really bad.

Hangover: Add 5-6 drops in a cup of hot water and drink. Repeat 1-3 times.

Insect bites: Massage a drop directly on to the “bite” and this will stop the itching.

Sore and stiff muscles: Massage Sancho on to affected area. If having a massage – hand over your Sancho to the person giving it and let him or her use a few drops as a pre treatment before adding the usual massage oil to your skin. This will feel wonderful!

Sore and tired feet: If you are constantly on your feet it’s very common to feel aces and pain. Help your feet to recover with first washing and then rub them with Sancho as you would with a lotion. It feels very invigorating and your feet will love you for it!

Sprain ankles and joints: Apply Sancho on bandages straight away!

Tennis elbow, muscular exertion/inflammation: Apply Sancho - this stimulates the blood flow which will help your muscle to recover.

Bad breath: Spread a few drops around the inside of the mouth and tongue. If preferred, gargle with a few drops added to water.

Upset stomach: In a cup, Add and drink 5-6 drops with hot water.

Tiredness and lack of energy: When overworked, suffering from lack of sleep, after too many late nights or having your sleep interrupted by the tiny patter of feet, just add 5-6 drops of Sancho to a cup of hot water for breakfast and you will soon feel your energy returning.
And why not swap one of the normal cups for a cup of Sancho during the day!

Allergies: If your allergy causes a blocked nose, use Sancho on your little finger and put this up your nostrils to clear the blockage and reduce swelling. This might help you to not rely as
much on your prescription medicine.

Period pain: We have received several reports from women that use Sancho as a help for period pains with massaging Sancho on to the skin at the area around of the ovaries.

Minor skin rashes/skin irritations: Apply Sancho on to affected area. Repeat for a while and hopefully you will soon see a change for the better. As we have been told a lot of people have.

Problems with spots/acne: Apply Sancho over affected area and watch your spots disappear!

Further usage:

Snoring: Put a drop of Sancho on to your little finger and push this up each nostril before bedtime. You will be able to breathe easily through your nose and that will help with your snoring give you a better night's sleep.

Concentration and meditation: Put a drop of Sancho on your little finger and push this up each nostril before or during your activity to regain your focus and concentration. This also helps during studying and driving when you need to stay awake and alert.

Refreshing/distressing bath: Put a generously amount of Sancho in to your bathwater and enjoy! Try with a different amount until you find how many drops that will be right for you.

Sauna: Put a few drops on to the heating source or in the water that goes on to the heating aggregate.

For altitude sickness: Put 5-6 drops in a cup of hot water and drink when necessary. If you are prone to vertigo, make sure that you drink Sancho before the headache starts!

To reduce sugar cravings: Put a few drops of Sancho at the back of the tongue.

Protection against insects bites: Use Sancho as you would with your normal insects repellent. We even have reports from pet owners who used Sancho on their horses and other pets during the summertime to keep the insects away.

Sensitive against nose sprays? Try using Sancho instead - you will be pleasantly surprised.


Please note:

- Sancho is a supplement and as such should not be used as an alternative to a healthy diet. Do not exceed the daily stated dose.
- Sancho should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
- Not to be used by children under the age of 8.
- Keep at room temperature in dry a place and out of reach for children.

Avoid getting Sancho in your eyes - it will sting!