Oracle Of The 7 Energies Journal - Colette Baron-Reid

Oracle Of The 7 Energies Journal - Colette Baron-Reid

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The magic of the number seven exists in all things!

This unique companion journal to the Oracle of the 7 Energies gives you a space to write, reflect, and create as you dive deeper into the essence of each of the seven energies.

Inside of this journal you’ll find:

  • Key concepts and themes for each of the seven energies
  • Powerful affirmations for each of the energy centers
  • Thought-provoking journaling questions and writing prompts
  • Creative exploration exercises and activities
  • 21 oracle card spreads
  • Guided meditations for each energy center

Magic flows through you from the unseen world into the world you perceive! Use this journal to connect to the magic of the seven energies and explore how they relate to your life right now.

Information: 249 (Paperback)