Rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra and the capacity to give and receive love. It harmonises relationships and increases self love and acceptance.

Amethyst has a spiritual quality that can be used to help tap into higher levels of consciousness. It can serve as a bridge between the physical and ethereal realms.

Rock crystal is a powerful healing stone and energiser. It stimulates clear thinking and perception. It supports you to connect with your inner wisdom. Purifies and strengthens both the energetic and physical body, a.o. the immune system.

Beryl calms the nerves, reduces stress and makes your mind clear and focused. This gem helps to relieve emotional stress and tension. It stimulates courage and joy, and supports a positive attitude towards life and the realisation of plans and goals.
On a physical level, beryl detoxifies and reduces stress-related symptoms. It has a positive effect on liver, lungs, stomach, heart, blood circulation and the spine.

Aquamarine has a calming effect on both body and mind. It enhances honesty, openness, tolerance, relaxation and joy. It improves communication and clear speech the transferring of knowledge, when speaking in front of an audience or classroom. Aquamarine is also supportive in meditation because it enhances spiritual growth, intuition and clairvoyance.
Physically, the stone has a cooling effect, balances the hormones and stimulates growth. It has a positive effect on the throat, thyroid and pituitary glands, eyes, teeth and jaw. Aquamarine can relieve a bad cough and bronchitis and skin diseases. It also restores the water balance in the body and calms oversensitive immune responses, like allergies (hay fever) and auto-immune diseases.

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue stone with golden pyrite threads that was already praised by Egyptian Priests, Kings and Warriors for its power. The stone promotes authenticity, clear knowing, spiritual insight, inner calm and peace. Lapis lazuli facilitates sincere communication and healing, both physically and emotionally. Relieves problems of the throat, voice, thyroid gland, headache, blood pressure and eczema.

Tiger eye is a quartz mixed with iron compounds, which provide the distinctive striped effect. Tiger eye has a strong connection with the sun and the solar plexus. The stone is warming, uplifting and 'burns' negative influences. It revitalises and makes you feel more energetic. Supports the digestive fire, gastrointestinal function, eyes, liver and autonomic nervous system.

Selenite is named after the Greek Moon-goddess, because of the moonlike refraction of the light through the stone. Its effect on lovers is one of conciliation and reconnection. Selenite crystals are semiprecious stones with a special radiation. They are linked to the sixth Chakra (the Third Eye) and the seventh, Crown Chakra. In particular the white or transparent crystals offer a beneficial effect.   
Opalite is seen as a healing stone. It removes energy blockages and helps with flu, cold and lack of energy/fatigue. It purifies blood and kidneys. Opaline is often used in meditation because it is associated with the third eye chakra. It is useful for improving communication at all levels. Opaline helps to stabilise mood swings, and to promote relaxation. It is beneficial for people suffering from sleep disorders. Opaline enhances emotional strength and helps to ease overcoming difficulties. It also relieves symptoms of depression and reduces aggressive behavior. Opaline promotes success, especially for business goals. Elevates ordinary consciousness to cosmic consciousness. Strengthens the inner being.

Above-mentioned information has not been acknowledged scientifically, but is based on experiences and results of users and therapists.